Earn Affiliate Commission through your Online Store

Earn Affiliate Commission through your Online Store

Let’s come straight to the point. You can earn affiliate commissions through your Online Store, how?

Most of the big Online Stores and Super Stores like Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress etc offer everyone to sell their products and earn commission. You can create a free Affiliate account with Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress and most of the famous stores from all over the world. Show their products on your blog, website or online store and promote on social media, search engine optimization or email marketing or other marketing techniques. When you give sales to the Affiliated Store, in return they give you commission.

This is the most reliable method of earning online. It needs your hard work but it pays you back. The more you work the more you will earn. If you are planing to start your Affiliate Store and searching for the reliable information on how to start earning commissions then keep reading, I will tell you about where should you start, what products you should sell and how to promote your Web Store.

Where should you start and what products to sell

It is experienced that if you start a business which you have some knowledge about, your chances of success are high. It is the same case with online business. So find the right products you have some knowledge about, it may mobile phones or cutlery items or it may be furniture or eBooks, whatever the product it may be search on the Stores like Amazon and import these products on your Online Store or E commerce website using plugins if you run a WordPress Store.

How to Promote your Online Store

There are many different ways of promotion but the most effective marketing techniques are Social Media Marketing which is free and the best. Create you social media profile, join multiple groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and share your Web Store link. you can even create Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages and share with friends and family but don’t spam otherwise your account will be blocked.

You can start email marketing, sms marketing or whatsapp marketing or if you have some budget you can start paid campaigns on social media or google search. For more details on free marketing techniques please visit this post


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