What is Online Store and why its important for your Business?


What is Online Store and why its important for your Business?

Online Store is an online platform where you can sell your products and services. This may be Facebook, amazon or your own website. Having your own online store has more advantages, you are the master of your business and you don’t have to rely on any other business. You can expand your online business as much as you want and there is no limit to what you can achieve.

A research shows that there are over 4.4 billion people in the world who use internet and 1.92 billion people shop online from different websites. They buy everything which is offered, from clothing to software and from legal services to printing.

There are only over 10 million active online stores in the world who serves the whole world for their online shopping needs and most of them belong to developed countries, don’t you think its far less than the demand.

There is a huge demand of online shops in the developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc because the governments are now encouraging their people to use Internet and everyone has a mobile phone with 4G, moreover Internet packages are very cheap. In this case a huge gap is created between number of online stores and users who want to shop online. This gap can be filled by giving awareness to the business communities in the country and opening online stores in every field of business.

Speedeonic is trying it’s best to give awareness to the local businesses, encouraging them to start their online business and offer online store design services at affordable prices. We hope this will help boost the growth of businesses in the local as well as international communities.

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