Why you should have an Online Store Website?

Why you should have an Online Store Website?

First of all let me tell you that Online Store is not for old minded people who don’t want to expand their business.

Why you should have an online store?

Because people are searching for your products on internet but you are nowhere. You can showcase your products online; you can expand your business, can increase your clientele and of course increase your sales/revenue. You wouldn’t be reading otherwise.

Nowadays people have no time to go for shopping in the supermarkets and spend hours on searching for a specific item; rather they prefer to buy most of the items from some websites just with a few clicks. If you are not in the competition, you are losing a lot of customers and profit.

Everyone who has products to sell must have an online store website. Online store starts with a little investment while it is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Customers can place order anytime at the comfort of their place while you get an email notification and there is no rush, you can deliver the order at your convenience.

You can sell on different marketplaces like daraz.pk, then why you should have your own online store?

Marketplaces like daraz.pk get a certain percentage of commission on selling your products. You pay them most of your profit margin and sometimes you have to sell at excess price than your competitors and this way you lose lot of customers because your products are expensive.

These marketplaces don’t let you grow with freedom, they impose hidden restrictions on your business and ultimately you expand as much as they allow. On the other hand you can sell your products on your own online store website where there is no limit on your freedom, you can expand your business as much as you want and even earn the maximum of profit margins…

Marketplaces like daraz.pk give you many orders?

Yes, that’s right because they promote their website and ultimately almost every seller gets some orders. But remember they promote their website and customers know them and not you. If you have no concern with your own brand then it’s ok but if you want to grow your brand, you should have an online store and marketing plan.

I meet with some customers who were reluctant in starting their own ecommerce business because they had many confusions about online business, for example they thought that only technical person can handle online business which is incorrect, or they were confused about how they can deliver orders while there are many courier services who especially deal in ecommerce delivery services.

There were many questions in their mind but most of these questions were fears only. Once we answer their questions, they are fearless and now they spend most of their time on internet getting orders and sending deliveries.

But let me clarify that online store is just like your physical business, it needs seriousness, care, time, investment and planning. If you treat it as a hobby, you won’t be successful.


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